Engage with Open Data Philippines

Date Originally Published: November 29, 2014
Date Republished: October 13, 2017

In line with its promise of making government data searchable, understandable, and accessible, Open Data Philippines (ODP) reaches out to the wider public by opening the online portal for registration for ODP user accounts.

With this upgrade, citizens and open data advocates can now register accounts on http://live.data.gov.dev, and take a greater role in the evolution of the Open Data initiative: from naming the kinds of data they want to see on the website by contributing to the forums, to posting their thoughts on the Open Data Philippines Action Plan 2014-2016. Accounts created on the portal will also be linked to the commenting system already in place.

The ODP Task Force has always emphasized that the open data initiative is more about the users than it is about the publishers of data. The publishers must make sure that data is easy to use (e.g., machine readable), and that there is an active conversation between government one that adheres to transparency and its citizens. The ability to create accounts on the national government data portal is another step that facilitates this conversation, and builds the ODP community.

As such, the ODP Task Force encourages the public to register on the portal, and begin initiating or taking part in discussions, so that government and the public together can move towards true transparency.