The Bureau was established on January 16, 1957 pursuant to Executive Order No. 213 and the Organization Plan 20-A. It took over the Conciliation Service and the Registrar of Labor Organizations created under R.A. 875 and served as a planning, policy making, consultative and advisory body in the promotion and maintenance of industrial peace. To date the Bureau continues its mandate to develop policies, programs, projects, operation guidelines and standards relative to labor-management relations. The Bureau also provides advisory to the Office of the Secretary and the Regional Offices on administration and enforcement of laws pertaining to labor-management relations including worker’s organization, registration, and development and resolution of appealed inter- and intra-union disputes.


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Existing Labor Organizations, Workers' Associations, and Collective Bargaining Agreements

This dataset contains the number of labor organizations divided into the public and private sector, the number of workers' associations operating in one region and in more than one region, and the number of existing collective bargaining agreements for independent and federated unions.

The number of members under the labor center, federations, and industry unions of the Private Sector are included in the number of enterprise-based unions.

Source of Data: Records transmitted by the DOLE Regional Offices to the Bureau of Labor Relations

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