The Climate Change Commission is the lead policy-making government body tasked to coordinate, monitor and evaluate programs & action plans tackling the impacts of climate change in the Philippines.


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Climate Expenditures in the GAA by National Climate Change Action Plan Strategic Priority

This dataset contains the annual appropriations approved in the General Appropriations Act that have been tagged by the National Government Agencies (NGAs) in the Department of Budget and Management Form 201F (CC Expenditure Form). The appropriations include amounts for adapting to the risks posed by climate change, including for the preparation and prevention of climate-related disasters, and for mitigating global climate change.

In 2015, the pilot year of implementation 53 NGAs identified 360 climate responsive programs, projects, and activities (PAPs) as responding to climate change. NGAs that did not tag their budgets for CCE are not reported in the tables indicating either that the NGA did not have any climate expenditures in the budget or the climate expenditure data is missing due to non-compliance. NGAs have further classified each PAP based on the NCCAP strategic priority objective that is addressed. This dataset summarizes the submissions of all 53 Agencies based on the NCCAP strategic priorities. (Note: For FY2015, most PAPs were coded with a single CC typology based on the primary CC objective. In a few instances, NGAs included multiple typology codes. These PAPs will be revised in conjunction with the 2016 for forward compatibility.)

This pilot data may be updated in conjunction with methodological changes being introduced for the FY2016 budget to strengthen quality and forward compatibility.

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