Establishments Inspected and Found Violating General Labor Standards and Technical Safety Standards

his datasets contains the number of establishments inspected by the labor inspectors from the DOLE Regional Offices to determine compliance to General Labor Standards (e.g., on wages, hours of work, etc.); and to the number of establishments visited by those inspectors to inspect mechnical units (e.g., boiler, pressure, vessel, internal combustion engine, elevator, hoisting equipment, and electrical installation) as to technical safety. It also includes data on the number of establishments/units with violations corrected on field; workers benefited; and amount of restitutions. The dataset is compiled by the Bureau of Working Conditions. It covers the period 1976 to 2012. Notes: 1. Regular inspections were suspended per memo circular dated August 14, 1979. Data from thereon were based on complaints
inspection only until resumption of regular inspections in 1987.
2. Starting 2004, data cover only establishments employing 10-199 workers based on the new Labor Standards Enforcement
Framework (LSEF) as per Department Order 57-04.
3. Starting July 2007, data also include those coming from Labor Standard Enforcement Framework (LSEF)-Inspection BLITZ.
4. Starting August 2010, data also include from Labor Enforcement and Action Program (LEAP) - an intensive inspection
strategy program covering the period August 2 - November 30, 2010 (Phase 1) and February - November 2011 (Phase 2),
year 1976 to 1984 Establishments with Violations Corrected on Field, Units with violations Corrected- not monitored,
year 1976 to 1985 Units with Violations Corrected- not monitored,
year 1976 to 1987 workers Benefited by Corrections- not monitored,
year 1985 Units with Violations Corrected- not monitored,
year 1986 to 1987 Workers Benefited by Corrections- not monitored
year 1990 - Includes data from Labor Enforcement and Productivity (LEAP)-1990,
year 2001 - Pleminary,
year 2009- Excludes data from Labor Standard Enforcement Framework (LSEF) Inspection-BLITZ,
year 2011 Workers Benefited by Corrections- Amount is the total restitution for corrections effected for both Core Labor ,Standards and Social Welfare Benefits.
year 2011 Establishments with violations, Establishments with violations Corrected on Field, Workers Benefited on Field, Amount of Resolutions- Figures cover only data for Core Labor Standards, year 2011 Amount of Resolutions- Amount is the total restitution for corrections effected for both Core Labor Standards and Social Welfare Benefits.

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Field Value
Author Department of Labor and Employment
Maintainer Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics - Data Bank
Granularity National
Temporal Date 01/01/1976-12/31/2012